COURE Software and Systems also known as COURE Technologies Inc is a business process automation firm that has been in operations since 1998 in the US and now in Nigeria and is focused on the proper implementation of technology to improve its Client's business process and operations by automating repeatable functions and activities. This automation helps its Clients to save time and money and also allows for growth without a significant increase in resources used to manage the growth.

Our automated solutions cover various industries and sectors to include solutions for businesses, non-profit organizations, university operations departments and membership organizations. Call us to see if there is a business process automation solution for your industry or your specific company.

What You Value Needs a Professional Touch

We aim to seamlessly infuse technology into our clients’ daily processes without the typical downtime or learning curve experienced by other solutions.

Application Development

From years of data analysis and systems development, COURE and its team of database and application developers have come to excel in the field of web-based application development.

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IT Consultancy

Our consultants specialize in providing premium advice to clients across a full spectrum of key IT areas of expertise to include systems technical analysis, risk and change management.

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Network Systems Connectivity & Integration

COURE can put together an IT Capacity Plan for your organization, perform a Site Analysis and conduct a comprehensive Network Information Security Audit

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Our Products

Our team of certified professionals through the release and management of our products, focus on creating solutions that are efficient in performance, effective in functionality and most importantly simple to use. View all works