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43 Split Tests was put together by Ryan Deiss. The reason this manual was put together is to save you time on what most marketers would consider the most dreaded, monotonous and most time consuming task of all which is testing. Ryan got permission from someone he knew in the marketing arena to put these tasks together in order to save you 8 years of headache. Over 300 total experiments were performed at a cost of over $1,000,michael kors east west tote leopard,000 dollars.

Actually the total was 321 tests and out of those only 43 made it into profit. So by getting this course and learning the material inside it, you can avoid all the costly mistakes. Many people learn betting by taking the tongue in cheek approach. Tony Robbins always says that if you want to be successful, find the most successful person you know and follow in their footsteps and walk a mile or more in their shoes.

What Tony is saying is true, but there are a couple reasons implementing that strategy is easier said than done. First off, how do you effectively copy them? And looking at this strategy from an optimistic perspective, what if you wanted to copy what someone was doing and even improve on it to make your system better?

That’s what 43 split tests will teach you. This course goes into headline testing,cheap michael kors crossbody bags, how to construct your order button, domains,michael kors iphone 4s case white, fonts and the list goes on. This course is delivered in audio format on mp3′s and is about 2 and a half hours long. These audios are also supplemented by pdf file workbooks. It also comes with a checklist.

43 Split Tests should work well for internet marketers at all levels because any marketer should know this stuff. Remember this is not a traffic course and will not teach you how to drive traffic to your website. There are other excellent courses that cover this. But if you implement enough of these conversion tactics in place when you do start driving traffic to your website, it will become much more profitable.

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