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Our Specialized Fields

Application Development
Business Process Automation

Application Development

11148168_lFrom years of data analysis and systems development, COURE and its team of database and application developers have come to excel in the field of web-based application development. Through our fine-tuned business processes, we are able to systematically ascertain the needs of our clients, review their business process models, and recommend and build a web-based application to meet their exact needs.

Once developed, COURE maintains a relationship with the client by continuing to help them refine their processes and manage the use of the developed solution, allowing for its continuous growth and expansion. COURE can develop any type of customized solution to suit your needs.

Network Systems Connectivity and Integration

fort-myers-computersThe management of technology infrastructure is becoming increasingly important as organizations replace cost containment strategies with IT investment strategies. As organizations look to IT for solutions to enable their strategies, technology infrastructures become an increasingly valuable business asset. COURE recognizes this need and can evaluate and structure a plan for your organization to improve its Corporate IT Infrastructure.

COURE can put together an IT Capacity Plan for your organization, perform a Site Analysis and conduct a comprehensive Network Information Security Audit on your existing network. COURE can develop a robust Disaster Recovery plan, or even define various policies around Corporate Security and Acceptable Use of Corporate Information Systems.
In addition, we develop and deploy IT infrastructure services for:
• Local and Wide Area Data Communication (LAN/WAN)
• Voice & Data Communication
• High Speed Internet Service
• Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
• POS Systems
• Email, Print and File Servers
• Remote Office and User Connectivity
• Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Firewalls
• Systems Installations, Migrations and Upgrades
• File and Content Management
• IT Staff Outsourcing
• PBX Installation and Commissioning

We develop and integrate applications using SQL, Access Databases, Microsoft .NET Server and are strategic business partners with:
• Microsoft©
• Dell©

M2M Deployment and Monitoring Services

MonitoringM2M (machine-to-machine) refers to technologies that enable wired and wireless systems to communicate with similar devices. With the growth of the M2M industry, a component of Internet of things, people, devices and applications are being connected more efficiently and smartly with little human intervention.

Now that more objects are getting wired up into Internet, gain greater control over remote deployments and systems, devices and equipment to save time and maximize resources, while controlling costs.  Our M2M Deployment and monitoring services allow you to remotely access and manage systems and equipment located in the field without the need for onsite workers.

No doubt, you can improve visibility and gain business insights and control over remote operations to help facilitate higher performance, greater efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. Our remote monitoring solutions help you make better informed decisions, enhance resource utilization, regulate operating costs, optimize business process and craft innovative business models.

IT Consultancy

32519161_lAt COURE, our team of consultants specialize in providing premium advice to clients across a full spectrum of key IT areas of expertise to include automated business process management, systems technical analysis, application development, and change management, requirements analysis, and network security and compliance.
Our information technology solutions can help you accelerate IT and business innovation cycles, improve the ratio of IT budget to revenue, electronic database management solutions, funds transfer solutions, reduce system upgrade and operation costs – and proactively mitigate risk.
In addition, COURE’s transformational approach helps organizations capture value through innovation, disruptive growth and business effectiveness, while also shifting the focus from Optimized Operations to Investing in Changing-The-Business
In the role of a trusted advisor COURE’s consistently delivers solutions that are measurable and helps analyze your internal business processes and make solid strategic recommendations for improvement.

Our general consulting services focus on increasing our Clients’ productivity and ease of use through customized, integrated and dependable technical solutions to meet their unique business needs. Our service offerings are always tailored to meet the clients’ needs. No matter your in-house projects or business needs, COURE can put together a consultancy package that suits your organization’s case.

Software Audits

compliance-100341485-origDo you have a software product that seems not to be working as you intended?, or your vendor has delivered a product and you need to validate that the vendor built the product based on your specifications, COURE will walk through your product, conducting a thorough test plan on the product and ensure that the product components are working as intended and the product meets the requirements earlier specified before product design and implementation. Where there is a bug or fault, COURE is able to proffer solutions to help resolve such issues.

Are you a third-party software provider? Take the difficulty, cost and complexity out of proving your applications are reliable and secure. With the increasing focus on third-party software risk by major organizations, software vendors are now being asked to provide proofs that their applications have been tested for conformity to security standards and corporate policies.

Our software audit service gives you a simple and cost-effective way to give your customers the third-party quality and security confirmation they require.

Our software audit services include:

  • Contract compliance
  • Adequate software documentation
  • Best practice implementation
  • Software quality assurance

Our services are not complete without providing detailed report of the reviews of our audit findings including pragmatic recommendations to improve your business process.

Contact us for more information about our software audit services.

Document Imaging, Management & Archiving

Long gone are the days of dusty old files and folders stacked from floor to ceiling. Life in the 21st century now allows for the ability to leverage the benefits of technology and cram what would easily have taken up a full room of space into a tiny storage device. Document imaging is the process of scanning paper documents and converting them to digital images that are then stored on CD, DVD, or other magnetic storage for short or long term archival. COURE can build a web-accessible, electronic document management system that allows members of your organization to upload, download, search for, share and manage electronic documents and images easily anytime, anywhere.

Project Management

One of COURE’s areas of core competency is Project Management. COURE has worked with a number of organizations to help execute both IT and other projects from inception to completion. A COURE professional will work together with a selected team of individuals and will drive the progress of the project, making sure to meet specified budget targets and time deadlines. Our solid technical background, sound business methodologies and ethics combine to give our customers the advantages they need to succeed in today’s competitive organizational environment.

For most of the projects that we manage, COURE utilizes the expertise of a minimum of four (4) in-house professionals at different phases of the project, as well as a team of programmers if the project involves application development or coding. In addition, COURE may work with several service contractors to complete various components of the project, as necessary. These resources are usually aligned as follows:



DocumentationArtifacts cannot be reused if not found and as it’s said, the faintest pen outlasts the sharpest mind. This has been our drive in providing application documentation as a service. Each application development phase requires some form of documentation or the other. Proper documentation ensures that your developers, testers, quality assurance personnel, support and maintenance engineers are armed with enough resource to carry out their assignments efficiently and productively. Your end users are also not left behind as they have concise documentations to guide them through the installation, usage and maintenance of your applications.

Good documentation provides clarity among team members and empowers users to get started on their own. To ensure high quality of requirements specifications, user guides and technical manuals, we follow a robust process for our documentation service.

  • We gather requirements from the stakeholders,
  • Analyze and design the document plan,
  • Create accurate and user friendly content,
  • Conduct peer review and client review for the content,
  • Prepare the final document,
  • Send it to client for final review,
  • Incorporate feedback from client
  • Obtain sign off.

The various software documentations we provide include:

  • Application site tree.
  • Detailed Process Workflows.
  • Software Requirement Specification Document.
  • Technical documentation (Database design, code, API/SDK manuals).
  • Test cases with test scenarios.
  • User documentations (User manuals, installation guides, online help, etc).
  • Marketing documentations (Marketing leaflets, Product brochures, etc).

Hosting Services

bg-hostingAs a by product of our solution delivery of web hosted applications, Coure also provides custom web hosting solutions for its clients.

COURE has been providing reliable, secure and scalable hosting
services to companies of all sizes around the world. Being a reliable,
trusted partner is our goal and through our hosting services we allow our clients focus on their core competency while we reliably support their
infrastructure and operations.