why choose us

COURE SOFTWARE & SYSTEMS also known as COURE Technologies inc. is a company focused on accurate, secure and timely provision of relevant data to its stakeholders and provides platforms that centralize data access, management and delivery in a standardized manner thus improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its clients’ operations. Through the provided platforms, COURE can aggregate various forms and types of data, analyze the data and create services that provide value.

COURE in addition to its provision of relevant data also seeks to help businesses reduce cost and maximize their resources while operating efficiently through its provision of platforms as a service.

our people

COURE provides turnkey platforms and solutions for businesses. We focus on the proper implementation of technology to improve Client's business process and operations by automating repeatable functions and activities. This automation helps Clients save time and money and also allows for growth without a significant increase in resources used to manage the growth. Our team of certified professionals focus on creating solutions that is efficient in performance, effective in functionality and most importantly simple to use. Our automated solutions cover various industries and sectors to include solutions for businesses, governments and non-profit organizations.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity:   is a must for our company and staff, and an assurance to our clients in all our dealings.
  • Innovation:   We constantly innovate our solutions looking for the most reliable, efficient and effective way to deliver value to our clients.
  • Initiative:   We constantly take initiative in considering opportunities and resolving client’s issues.
  • Commitment:   We are always committed to our work and to serving our clients better.

Our Vision

Being the first and final choice for accurate, secure, relevant and timely data.

Our Mission

Providing relevant data.