Why do banks need mobile number portability data?

By Coure-Tech

Mar 03, 2020

With the implementation of Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in Nigeria and most developing African countries, Banks and Mobile Money companies have been having issues getting their alerts delivered to the appropriate numbers of their customers.

Also, issues of the inability of users to top up their phone credit due to wrongly chosen network operators were identified. This usually occurs when a user has ported his/her number from one network to another without updating their information with their respective Banks.

From our analysis, an average of 14,375 mobile numbers ports from one network to another monthly. This volume of porting clearly identifies the need for Banks to check the current network of a mobile number prior to performing certain transactions.

For most Banks, high quality of customer service is highly valued, hence the provision of the All Number Query (ANQ) platform by COURE Tech.

All Number Query is a number search engine developed to provide easy & quick access to accurate, secure, timely and relevant information on numbers’ status. It can be utilized by financial institutions to perform various calls and SMS-based operations. The platform can be accessed by third parties via API, ENUM, FTP & WEB channels.

Let's look at the capabilities of ANQ

High-speed number query
  • Number Queries are carried out at very high speed across numerous channels.

Single/Multi-Number Search
  • Ability to make a single or multiple number searches with each query submission

  • Real-time access to lookup logs and reports across all channels. • Access to Search History information • Audit trail report

Service Rating
  • Flexible rate based on lookup volume • Discount for high volume searches • Only pay for what you use • Pricing based on service selected

  • Multiple levels of security and data protection are in place to assure the security of data and restricted access to relevant stakeholders

To learn more about MNP data and how COURE helps keeps your database up-to-date, please email us at [email protected]