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Telecommunication Services

With the current revolution of digital communication and increase in mobile telephone users across various networks, our Platforms were designed to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for rich content in the telecommunication industry. COURE’s platform provides the opportunity for service providers to differentiate their services, satisfy demands for digital services, optimize resources, focus on creativity and reduce operational cost while still offering good value to their customers.

Routing Service

Service Providers can now boost the accuracy of their SMS campaign performance with our Routing Service. This service enables service providers to verify the network status of a phone number before initiating a route, thus ensuring that calls or messages are delivered to the right recipient. 

                                       Routing data access 

  • Line type information (fixed, mobile, premium) 

  • Number Portability 

  • Churn status 

  • Network location 

KYC Services 

With our KYC service, changes in customer identity are promptly detected to prevent organizations from sending confidential information to the wrong recipient.  The service helps an organization to protect their corporate image, maintain customer trust, boost customer confidence.

Fraud Prevention Service

Achieve faster and more effective fraud detection and higher visibility of exposure across channels. This service exists to minimize fraudulent activities within the financial space through an in-depth analysis of relevant data.