ANQ Platform

All Number Query is a lookup platform that provides easy and quick access to information on various number/data resources. Our access to large volumes of diversified data along with our processing capacity and intelligent algorithms has enabled us to build and apply real-time analytics on data that is being searched against or provided, thus enabling more intelligent decisions and timely responses to business opportunities.


Know Your Customer(KYC)

KYC service offers a simple way to clean and validate many databases

Routing Services

Our Routing Service ensures Service Providers can deliver calls and messages to the right recipients by verifying the network status of a phone number before initiating a route.


Our Fraud Prevention Services minimize losses, optimize efficiencies, and protect customers from fraudulent activities


Fraud Prevention Service is a proactive real-time solution which helps to achieve faster and more effective fraud detection providing higher visibility of the operators’ exposure across channels.


Implementation and adoption of GDPR and other privacy practices.

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