Data Monetization

COURE’s  Data Monetization Service enables data owners to generate revenue from their data and make it available to third parties securely, efficiently and profitably. The standardized access to data is a major value-add for service providers as it helps them to save funds while improving efficiency in their operations and quality of service.  

Structured and unstructured data are aggregated from several industries and transform them into a viable service that creates additional revenue for the content provider. 

The ability to access this data from a central qualified source helps to ensure optimal service provision and prevent copyright and other legal issues. 

 This service provides data owners/providers with the following opportunities:     

Earn income with minimal effort from your already existing data. 

A simplified and automated process of meeting regulatory mandates regarding privacy.  

Transform unstructured and idle data into a viable service.

COURE works with its client base to source users of the data at terms beneficial to all parties. While generating revenue by making data and information available are the primary goals of this service, privacy and data protection are key areas of concern. 

We work diligently to assure data owners/providers that several internal and external data security procedures in line with the AU & EU GDPR regulations are in place.  

 If you are interested in finding out more on monetizing  your data through our services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call +(234)-1-280-9119