COURE’s delivery service is designed to enable platform users efficiently communicate with their client base while still benefiting from COURE’s other data verification services. Our delivery solutions enable the focus to remain on service provision, not communication channels and agreements.

Seamlessly expand the ability of your clients to utilize your services and receive messages from your platforms using our SMS, USSD and other communication gateways to deliver information. COURE works with its clients to integrate with their existing platforms via API’s or other methods all in an effort to deliver higher quality services.

Receive your bank or other service notification directly into your custom or standard applications via API’s Increase security while reducing reconciliation time and error by synchronizing directly with all your service accounts.


The Aggregator’s primary function is to provide a concentration point to limit the number of devices that will be directly connected to the operators thereby eliminating the need for a Content Service Provider to maintain multiple physical connections to each network operator.

COURE’s platform ensures optimized performance with adequate and efficient service delivery capacity without the overwhelming costs associated with the purchase and management of fully dedicated infrastructure. This also caters for basic verification services that are required to guarantee efficient delivery of content to intended recipients without violating privacy requirements.




If you are interested in finding out how we can help your business through our Delivery Platform services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or Call  +(234)-1-631-1910