Combat Bank Fraud

This service helps you attain a level of preparedness before fraudulent transactions are initiated and protects you and your customers from fraud.

Using specific algorithms, we check and flag fraudulent transactions before approval. Our algorithm takes into consideration numerous points of data and provides a risk level rating for the transaction, thus minimizing losses, optimizing efficiencies, and protecting customers from fraud.

This service helps you achieve a faster and more effective fraud detection process with higher visibility of exposure leading to increased customer retention, reduced financial loss, protection of brand and reputation, protection of customers’ details, identification of employee misconduct, fake account reduction and account take-over prevention.

We provide solutions to prevent financial frauds such as:


Payment Fraud
As payment options and processes evolve, they come with higher risks of fraudulent activities. Instant fund transfer services where payment is reflected in a recipient’s account in real time or near real-time can pose a greater risk for fraud and anti-money laundering activities as the relevant authorities and approval processes don’t have time to validate transactions before they are consummated. Our fraud prevention solution helps financial organizations to stay ahead of these challenges with minimal technical modifications.

Account Takeover
In an increasingly connected world, players in the financial sector enjoy seamless services. Unfortunately, the benefit of digital communication comes with its challenges. Fraudsters can focus on hijacking the communication channels in order to gain multiple entry points to users' personal information. To ensure organizations retain the trust of their customers and protect their age-long integrity, our solution ensure fraudsters are check-mated before taking over customer’s account.

New Account Fraud
In an effort to enhance access to services being provided by financial and other service providers, there is need to simplify and expedite account creation processes. While there is a benefit to valid customers, fraudsters also see this as an opportunity to create accounts for future exploitation. Our solution helps validate the initial account creation and data used in an effort to reduce risk and exposure to fraud.

Multiple connectivity interface
We provide various interface channels for connectivity including HTTP, FTP, ENUM API