Hub Platform

HUB is a platform designed to enable Service Providers to create and manage their services, contents, and subscriptions. The platform allows for hosting, management, and delivery of VAS services to the Aggregators or Operators on behalf of the Service Provider. Built with industry regulations in mind, Hub becomes the ideal platform for any Service Provider with great service ideas capable of meeting the needs of his Subscribers.

It is a ready-to-use platform for Service Providers in need of easy and fast integrations to Telcos, Aggregators and Content Partners for management of all forms of service requests, responses, and provisions of various reports synchronously and asynchronously. Some of HUB amazing features include:  


HUB allows for the creation of services that use or do not use short codes with a clear definition of service uniqueness by keywords. The parameters to set up during service creation includes service name, category, service fee, an access channel, and delivery routes.


HUB allows for the delivery of services, sending of billing requests, and brokering through Aggregators or Telcos of choice. Platform-to-platform integrations can be established via API, SMPP or both. This means that Service Providers can set up multiple routes and binds with Telcos and Aggregators of their choice after submitting basic requirements and gaining approval from the Telco or Aggregator.


HUB’s billing service allows the Service Provider to set up billing methods, fees and revenue share percentage for services. The current system is the billing of the users airtime. Hub has Billing APIs for communication with the telcos for real-time and efficient billing.


HUB’s intelligent route management feature identifies various route setups for delivery of messages to the destination/recipient and determines the most reliable and cost-effective one. It performs predefined checks to avoid the violation of rules defined by the destination such as recipient’s Do Not Disturb (DND) status, Mobile Number Portability (MNP) status and finally delivers the message to the destination/recipient.


HUB’s Sender ID Management feature provides a faster way of processing Sender IDs for delivery of messages to target recipients. From Transactional, Promotional to Corporate Sender IDs, HUB gives you centralized access simple enough to process your Sender ID Request across all Telcos. HUB Sender ID supports the use of names, shortcodes, and long numbers as Sender IDs.

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