Identify and validate the Identity of your clients and vendors

Customer Identification and validation is vital for business and corporations. The KYC service offers a simple way to verify the identity of your customer upon the first contact and validate your existing database.


Clean and Validate Large Number Databases
Create a database you can trust by ensuring that the numbers on your contact list are correct and up to date. Validate the information entered in online and mobile forms in real-time. We identify the status (if active or inactive), the churn state (last time it changed ownership) inputted against a customer’s profile. This validation helps to reduce marketing and customer communication costs through reduction in repeated calls and undeliverable message.

Targeted Surveys and Campaigns
Reach your intended audience with specific information such as their sex, location and even the names tied to their phone numbers.

Identity Match
Our algorithm can match multiple names and numbers to the identity of a customer. Save your business time and cost of sending multiple messages to only one recipient.

Multiple connectivity interface
We provide various interface channels for connectivity including HTTP, FTP, ENUM API